Address Validation bundle for NetSuite —

Market, manage and mitigate risk better.

Your customer’s address gives you the power to:

  • Know your customer

  • Understand any risks

  • Inform your actions

But only if you have a valid address.

Validate and correct addresses as they are entered.

  • Enables real-time verification at the point of customer contact, whether it is your NetSuite CRM or your eCommerce website.

  • Corrects misspellings or names that sound similar.

  • Standardize addresses as required by the post office to fill in any missing data.

  • Ensures it is a deliverable address by the post office

  • Know if an address is a residence or a business.

† supported by only some countries.

Support for countries where your customer lives or works.

Validate, correct and format addresses for 230 countries.

Easy to use, without needing a programmer.

Our bundle integrates directly into NetSuite. Just install it and you are done.

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