Renew your integration strategy and architecture.

The dynamic nature of business in the age of the customer is forcing enterprises to partition their application landscape into systems of engagement and systems of record. Then, they must glue them together using integration technologies that provide agility and context.

Organizations must renew their integration architecture because of new business requirements for agile, scalable, dynamic business ecosystems and the increasing need to:

  • Implement cloud
  • Process increasing data volumes
  • Refresh data in real-time supporting omnichannel
  • Provide end-to-end security

This report guides enterprise architects on trends affecting integration technologies and provides practices to help evaluate preparedness for integration agility. Download the report to learn how and why:

  • Integration needs are becoming more demanding and more complex.
  • Interfaces must shift from impediments to enablers of agility.
  • Integration technologies and options are improving.

Discover how integration technologies can improve the customer experience and gain innovation flexibility. 

Spectrum technology from Pitney Bowes offers a scalable and flexible approach for easily integrating and leveraging knowledge of your customers as well as their context.

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