SendSuite™ Tracking for Financial Services and Insurance

Gain the control you need to manage parcels, corporate assets and on-premise security.

Financial Services and Insurance companies are under pressure with the increasing volume of parcels received every day. Too often, critical client documents are lost between site transfers. In a very complex and regulated environment, these risks may result in huge business and financial losses. Even a single lost or delayed document can bring a business to a halt. This can lead to in lost productivity, dissatisfied customers or regulatory penalties.®

SendSuite™ Tracking can help.

  • Maintain chain of custody.
  • Optimise asset utilisation.
  • Reduce costs and boost productivity.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Management Information for all accountable items. Increased operational efficiency.
  • Real-time visibility of status for high volume parcels.
  • Reduced staff time looking for misplaced or lost parcel items.
  • Automatic email status notifications to internal staff, contractors of package arrivals.
  • An audit trail on parcels, assets, visitors, services and documents.

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